Olivia Addams is releasing her new single, Stranger, inspired from her past relationships


After the song Are we there, which ranked second on Airplay Charts in Poland, Olivia Addams comes with a new powerful story. The artist releases her new single, Stranger, inspired from her past relationships and the feeling that she couldn’t let go of lost love.

Stranger is about relationships that one can’t relate to anymore, but decides not to move forward because they feel comfortable and safe. “I think we’ve all been in a relationship in which we no longer felt loved or appreciated, yet we loved back so much. It hurts pretty damn much when you think about how it used to be and how things turned out. You get attention from everybody else, but you only wish it was from the one you love. Stuck at a crossroad, scared to let go, not knowing what needs to be done. To move on? To stay and fight? Both options seem pretty tiring”, Olivia said.

Stranger was composed by Marius Dia, written by Marius Dia, Olivia Addams, Holy Molly and Iraida, produced by Alex Parker. The clip, which perfectly represents the story of the song, was made by Isabella Szanto (director), Roberto Stan (DOP), Bogdan Zamonea (production) and Cristian Puchiu (production).

Olivia Addams – Stranger

“Stranger was written on a more serious note and inspired from past relationships where I felt like it was somehow over, but I didn’t want to let go because it felt safe and comfortable. I hope a lot of people will empathize with the message, I know we’ve all been there, no need to feel guilty or something. Life has a funny way of getting you through all kinds of experiences. An important lesson that I learned is never to judge someone until you’ve worn their shoes and, second, if you want to stay and save a relationship, make sure you are not the only one fighting for it, cuz it takes two to make things go right.”, Olivia Addams completed.

Olivia Addams is a singer and songwriter with an impressive portfolio. In the first year of her career, her songs had an incredible reach, while also being a songwriter for big artists from Romania. With an East European vibe and a nordic voice, Olivia’s vocals blend into a fresh sound that managed to get a lot of attention. Her latest single, Are we there, is hitting several territories, boasting massive airplay in more than 5 countries. Moreover, Olivia’s genuine, bubbly personality has made fans everywhere fall deeply in love with her, as she grew her community to huge numbers in less than one year. Young and promising, Olivia Addams is definitely one you’ll hear a lot more of in the future. Stay tuned!

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