Paolo Frizard Interview [Q&A]


An exclusive interview with Paolo Frizard, a Future & Bass House DJ & Producer from Mexico.

-Tell us please how you begin with music and djing?

When I turned 5 my parents bought my first controller and I didn’t know how to use it, I didn’t know anything about electronic music I just played rock in it and moved all the knobs and buttons, when I turned 8 they gave me my first drum kit, my dad always showed me good music and one day he made me listen to a Tony Romera song in the car and at that moment I fell in love with electronic music, I kept listening to music watching concerts and one day I discovered a concert by DJ Hardwell and at that moment I knew that I wanted to be like him, a great DJ and producer, and I am still in the process but one day my dad gave me drumsticks and in there was a phrase recorded in them “never forget your dreams because life is forged from them”.

-How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

Social networks, reading articles, videos, listening to music and listening to people.

-With which labels and artists have you worked on?

I am a growing artist and Alveda Music Group gave me the opportunity to sign my first track with them and I am very happy and grateful to be working with them.

-Any new releases?

Yes, my first release of the year is on the way, it will be available on March 17.

-In the studio, what’s your set-up?

In my studio, I have 2 Krk and 2 pioneer monitors, a Focusrite audio interface, a midi launchkey controller and my laptop.

-What’s your creative process in the studio?

I like to listen to music and get inspiration from that, I usually start with the drums and basses, a melody, chords and with that I can make the track.

-Your typical DJ set-up?

I have a Pioneer DDJ-SX2, in my sets I like to always have a lot of energy.

-What have you done online? Have you seen any DJ video streams that impressed you?

When the pandemic started and David Guetta did his DJ set online, I really liked the production and like all the people in the buildings had a good time watching one of the best plays live.

-How do you think the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

I think COVID-19 came to change a lot of things in the world but the advantage that all DJs had was technology and social networks, if fans miss events and festivals I think DJs still miss them more.

-Do you have other activities beside music?

Yes, I play ice hockey, and I’m also in college studying business administration.

-What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot of music and very big things because I do what I am most passionate about in life and I have all the support of my family and friends and I will never give up.

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