Patricia Baloge Delivers Five-Track Queen Of The Dawn EP


Following the release of her singles Victory and Unbothered, French Ghanaian artist Patricia Baloge completes the full body of work, releasing her five-track Queen Of The Dawn EP.

Opening with the title track, Patricia fuses elements of funk and synthwave with her silky vocals, resulting in an attention-demanding cut that firmly sets the EP’s tone. Unbothered follows in Queen Of The Dawn’s wake, combining groove-inducing percussion with electrifying chords to ooze attitude at every turn. Stripping back in Born To Win, Patricia interlaces sparse instrumentals with her distinctive vocals. Flowing into Victory, Patricia marries rolling bass, soaring vocals and eerie synths to achieve a hypnotic soundscape. Closing with a bonus track, Destiny enters a deep dimension through staccato rhythms, intricate instrumentals, completed by her alluring vocals.

“I am woman. I live. I learn.
I shall let the World take my power, no more.” Patricia Baloge

Providing a stunning visual accompaniment, Queen Of The Dawn is brought to life in the official music video, created by New Jersey-based creative production company GABING.

Channelling her eclectic upbringing into every ounce of her craft, New York-based singer, producer and artist Patricia Baloge is on a mission to shake up the music scene. Her sound is a modern fusion of House, Afrohouse, Afropop and Synthwave, resulting in a seductive blend that features her instantly recognisable vocals. Cutting her teeth in New York, Patricia began DJing at clubs across the city before discovering the true essence of her artistry.
In 2020, she embarked on the start of a self-described spiritual transformation by releasing her debut EP, Womb. Spreading a message of women’s empowerment, as well as inner emancipation, the three-track EP beckoned listeners into a deep and groovy soundscape and was accompanied by official remixes from South African producer Polar Inc., Israel-based artist Amir Telem and Dutch talent Jordi Iven.
Spreading her wings and discovering her true calling, Patricia’s artistic transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary. Finding perfect synergy with enigmatic Afrohouse producer Hyenah, the pair released an addictive collaboration titled Moood in May 2022.
With Queen Of The Dawn, Patricia Baloge reflects on her experiences as a woman of colour, overcoming abuses to discover the intrinsic power she possesses. The EP tracks serve as a reminder to women of all ages that they deserve the very best of this world, and that anything less is not worth their energy. Working tirelessly and meticulously to translate her vision into her musical output, this is only the beginning for this mesmerizing artist. 

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Photo Credit: @Gabing.me

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