Petar Dundov Returns with a New Ambient Album “In Expectation Of Dawn”


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Croatian techno pioneer Petar Dundov is back with In Expectation of Dawn, a first new album in seven years. It comes on his own label Neumatik and finds the revered producer exploring a cinematic world of richly emotive ambient, modern classical, and dub techno with his signature futuristic perspective.



Dundov is a core part of the European underground and has been for 20+ years. He is a cultured producer with a sophisticated sound that has seen him put out an array of well received EPs and plenty of standout albums including Sculptures 1-3EscapementsIdeas From The PondSailing Off The Grid, and At The Turn Of Equilibrium, most of which came on Music Man Records. He has played at some of the world’s best clubs and festivals from I Love Techno to Exit to Berghain to Space Ibiza. Now he is back with another immersive long player.

“Going through years of the pandemic, when the whole world was interrupted and redirected into new uncharted territory, I tried to imagine what kind of world would emerge afterwards. Going from darkness to light, in a brief moment of serenity and stillness at the birth of a new day, I tried to express that emotion and picture the moment with sound. What came out can be described as a journey towards the rediscovery of self and new insight into deeper understanding of life. I hope this album will evoke emotions and be a source of inspiration for times that come.” – Petar Dundov

This is a seriously absorbing album that opens with the dramatic synthscapes of In Expectation of Dawn. They are filled with tension that dissipates as soon as While You Were Sleeping starts. More gentle melodies and pads wash over you in soothing, comforting fashion then In Seduction layers up mellifluous piano chords that tug at the heart strings. Pseudo Moon is a cosmic reawakening with sci-fi overtones and retro-future synth sounds while the 10 minute-plus Intension is deep, rolling, cavernous dub techno awash with smeared chords. The hopeful Beyond Horizon is another moment to pause, take stock and dream of a happy future then Sea Organ casts you adrift in a celestial sky awash with heavenly melodies.

In Expectation of Dawn, is another hugely accomplished album from this visionary producer. 


Artist: Petar Dundov

Title: In Expectation Of Dawn

Record Label: 


Release Date: 3rd March 2023


1) In Expectation Of Dawn

2) While You Were Sleeping

3) In Seduction

4) Pseudo Moon

5) Intension

6) Beyond Horizon

7) Sea Organ

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