POPOF and Vezi Land on Filth On Acid With ‘Linear Damage’ EP


Parisian techno talent POPOF has a resumé to rival the very biggest artists in electronic music. Now, as he looks to add to his already remarkable musical catalogue and open his 2023 tally in style, the legendary French techno producer announces his latest musical offering, Linear Damage EP – out now via Filth On Acid.

Co-founder of the iconic underground free party pioneers Heretik System – a collective which organized France’s very first illegal raves during the Nineties – POPOF’s Linear Damage EP sees the long-standing French producer team up with fellow Parisian Vezi as they hark back to the sounds which narrated their early introduction to electronic music, in Paris’ illegal rave scene almost three decades ago.

Speaking about the production process, POPOF commented:

“This EP marks a return to my roots, musically speaking. This hard techno collaboration is a kind of personal tribute to the free/rave culture that I come from. Vezi is a friend from Paris and we got together to make these two tracks. The result is a mix between the old and the new”.

A masterclass in hard, old school techno inspired by the raw sounds of the 90’s, Linear Damage is everything we’ve come to expect and more from the seasoned producers. An intense, peak-time record, pulsating with frenzied energy across its duration, the pounding two-sided cut sees the two Parisian talents build a gargantuan assortment of heady kicks, industrial synths and dark samples, as they deliver an titanic release on one of the biggest labels in electronic music right now.

The Linear Damage EP marks POPOF’s sophomore outing on Filth on Acid, following his critically acclaimed debut alongside Julian Jeweil with Dance Escape EP back in 2020.

POPOF & Vezi – Linear Damage EP is out now via Filth on Acid: https://snd.click/FOA127

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