Prospa reveal high-demand new EP on Circoloco Records ‘If You Want My Loving’


The EP is the tenth release from the groundbreaking CircoLoco Records label. 


Acclaimed UK electronic music duo Prospa unveils their highly-anticipated new EP, If You Want My Loving, set to release on June 21st. This marks the tenth release (CLR 010) from the groundbreaking CircoLoco Records imprint. An homage to the euphoria of ‘90s raves, If You Want My Loving delivers two massive tracks – the soulful, acid-tinged, and festival-ready ‘If You Want My Loving,’ and the auspicious ‘Motions’ – a driving and unstoppably infectious piece of deep house that’s a fan highlight of their current sets, alongside an exclusive vinyl-only bonus track.

If You Want My Loving signals a new era for the duo, adding to an already pumping year on the back of CLR 09, Carlita’s ‘Cash For Love.’  The duo’s debut single of 2024, ‘If You Want My Loving,’ has captivated both critics and fans alike. With vocals reminiscent of ’90s house legends and vintage synths echoing the era of hardware-driven dance music, the track’s hypnotic beat and minimalist instrumentation gradually build into an immersive sonic experience. ‘Motions’ has already received support from notable figures such as Danny Howard, DJ Seinfeld, and Josh Baker with its addictive deep house energy- sparking considerable excitement amongst fans and positioning itself for extensive rotation on playlists and dance floors this summer and beyond.

Prospa shares, “This represents a new step in the Prospa sound. A bassline-focused, raw interpretation of classic dance music with a touch of Chicago House, The Chemical Brothers, and Disco drum breaks, all under the roof of Prospa’s production, made for the dancefloor in DC10 and beyond.”

Hailing from Leeds, childhood friends Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith (aka Prospa) connected over their shared passion for dance music. They started collaborating in 2013, drawing inspiration from the likes of Daft Punk, The Prodigy, and The Chemical Brothers. The pair broke through the underground scene with their hit single ‘Prayer,’ earning the support of high-profile tastemakers such as Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Danny Howard, and Monki.

Since then, Prospa has swiftly established themselves as one of the UK’s most hyped electronic acts. Emobdying euphoria in all its forms, the duo masterfully crafts high-energy, dancefloor-centric tracks and indulges in heartfelt, meditative moments and uplifting, emotionally charged stadium anthems. With each new release, they continue to expand the boundaries of their versatility. They have performed residencies and headline shows at some of the world’s most renowned clubs and festivals such as DC10, Glastonbury, Coachella, CircoLoco Ibiza, Printworks, and Red Rocks, and recently performed a high-energy set for the coveted Boiler Room during their international careers. 

CircoLoco Records is the pioneering label partnership between CircoLoco, a leading force in global club culture, and Rockstar Games, renowned creators of some of the world’s most beloved video games. With a shared dedication to advancing innovative music, the label embodies the rich histories of both brands in fostering and celebrating electronic music and the ethos of club culture. Through its platform, Circoloco Records spotlights generations of underground DJs, artists, and icons, amplifying their voices and contributions on a global stage. 

Now, with If You Want My Loving, Prospa ushers in an exciting new chapter. With the latest addition to the CircoLoco Records catalog already making waves, the duo delivers a summer EP for the masses- continuing on their path to becoming one of dance music’s most sought-after acts.

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