Required Noise introduces C-poch with his new EP “Seijaku”


Returning to the esteemed Required Noise label, C-poch unveils his latest offering, the enigmatic EP entitled “Seijaku.”

This auditory journey delves deep into the shadows, weaving a tapestry of haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms. Across five meticulously crafted tracks, listeners are immersed in a world of introspection and raw emotion.

From the hypnotic allure of ‘The Wolf’ to the ethereal mystique of ‘Maktub,’ each composition invites exploration into the depths of sound. ‘Life or Death’ exudes a sense of urgency, while the title track ‘Seijaku’ captivates with its atmospheric allure.

With this EP, C-poch demonstrates a masterful command of dark techno, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s imagination.


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