Restaurants and bars opening in Greece (but without music…)


Restaurants and bars are opening in Greece after being closed for over 6 months, but without music and without serving alcohol.

COVID-19 cases increased massively in Greece but the summer season is also starting, so everything goes forward for the opening. The news are not good for event organizers and clubbing at the moment as we don’t see anything going forward for these types of businesses to open as before.

But DJs that were also music producers, focusing mostly on their music production career benefited from that situation, including also labels. We had seen many of them stepping up, especially on Beatport and being more active than before. Now also with the increase of music streaming, everything changed completely.

For Club DJs and Mobile DJs the damage was huge, without events, weddings, parties etc. like before. What is next?

We hope to see soon clubs opening in Greece, because nobody can imagine a summer without nightlife…

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