Rosehip Reveals Second Single From Odyssey EP, ‘Yawn’ Ft. Kali Says What


Following the release of his first single Found from his forthcoming Odyssey EP, set for release on Friday September 15, 2023, UK producer Rosehip delivers his second mesmerising creation, Yawn Ft. London-based poet Kali Says What – out now on all streaming platforms.

Opening the track with gentle keys and spoken lyrics, Yawn exudes a peaceful tone from the very first beat. Gradually building with flourishing synths interlaced with an array of samples, the track is pushed along by downbeat percussion, resulting in another stunning addition to the producer’s catalogue. With two singles now revealed from his Odyssey EP, Rosehip continues to showcase his innate ability to create timeless electronic gems that allow the listener to travel to a place of pure sonic bliss.
Forever inspired by the world around us, Rosehip’s sensory brand of vibrant, atmospheric beats paint pictures in your mind, transporting you into another world. With an array of successful releases, including AwakeGold and Sailors, Rosehip boasts over 10 million streams on all DSPs, which led him to becoming a household name in the Chillwave, Electronica and Lo-fi music spaces.
Announcing his forthcoming EP, Odyssey, Rosehip is set to plunge deeper into his musical identity with his career-defining body of work. The five-track EP represents a late-summer inspired journey through catchy riffs, joyful melodies and dazzling soundscapes. In addition, a series of collaborative releases with vocalists, musicians and producers represent the next stage of his blossoming career. Inviting listeners into a carefree dimension that helps to melt away everyday troubles or stress, Rosehip continues to bloom into one of the scene’s most essential artists.

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