Ryan Crane Is Ready To Introduce His New Hit ‘Beam’


Multi-talented artist and music producer Ryan Crane hits back with a new hard-hitter titled ‘Beam’. 

The artist, known for his impressive and non-conforming style that continues to evolve, having experimented with elements from different genres like EDM, Trap or Synthwave in the past, he came back to the spotlight with this new powerful production. 

Following his latest venture, a remarkable 10-track album and NFT project titled ‘SCIENCE FICTION WORLDS’, that combined elements from a wide variety of Electronic music genres, as well as his own remarkable visual pieces minted as NFTs, showing yet a new side of his project, and a new height he was ready to conquer; his aim and talent are surely boundless and that is evident with each project and release he shares with the world. 

With his perfect blend of music and visual arts, his unique project paves the way to showcase his skills and talent as an artist in the broadest sense of the word. 

Now, ‘Beam’ comes as a stimulating and blissful track ready to conquer dance floors worldwide. With an uplifting Dance/EDM synth progression, an energetic beat and a drop that releases the party, ‘Beam’ is a certified banger. Vocal scribbles keep the energizing and refreshing vibe of this track going. A powerful low-end capture the track in the second-half, filtering the vocals and leading up to a mighty last drop that splashes the listener with a refreshing feel. 

This is definitely, a track for Dance/EDM lovers looking for a new favorite to add to their party playlist and to dance to. Get ready to be amazed by Ryan Crane’s new hit as its expected to make a ripple on the charts and parties everywhere. 

Make sure to follow Ryan Crane as his innate talent and eclectic style, evident in each release, proves why he’s an artist to pay close attention to. 

‘Beam’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

Listen and buy ‘Beam’ now 


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