Sam WOLFE drops an explosive techno EP, ‘Machine Driven’


UMEK‘s record label, 1605 welcomes a tantalising peak time techno EP by Sam WOLFE.

Sam WOLFE is a 1605 mainstay who is back with his ninth appearance and seventh EP for the record label. He is a talented solo producer and a regular collaborator who has previously worked with other producers such as UMEK, Rebel Boy and The YellowHeads.

An American artist living in Atlanta, Sam WOLFE has also featured his music on other respected techno record labels such as Christian Smith’s Tronic and Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds. He is also a skilled DJ whose invigorating style has seen him play sets everywhere from Germany to Mexico.

This new release features two high-octane original tracks which blend explosive percussion with gripping synth lines to create techno that’s perfect for the dance floor.

Machine Driven” is the EP’s title track and it opens the release with a rumbling bassline and slamming kick drum that underpins synths chords laced with euphoria. Dramatic sounds burst forth to create dark tension and the compelling vocal sample adds to the unfolding suspense.

Hold On feat. Turquoise Music” switches up the style of the release with the soulful vocal tones by Turquoise Music and piano chords layered with slamming percussion and flickers of acid. It’s a modern track that utilises old-school sounds to deliver a timeless groove with pounding percussion.

You can pick up a copy HERE.

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