Sam WOLFE teams up with UMEK for new techno single “Aktivate”


Sam WOLFE has been leaving his mark on the techno scene in 2023 with a string of high-profile releases on UMEK’s record label 1605.

Showing no signs of slowing down his output, the American producer is back on 1605 with a new single made in collaboration with UMEK. Sam WOLFE collaborated with UMEK a couple of months ago, and it seems that the release was so successful that the guys couldn’t resist promptly following up on it.

This is the fifth 1605 release to feature Sam WOLFE’s music in 2023 and he is proving himself to be a consistent producer who has the perfect balance between explosive drums and powerful melodies.

UMEK needs little introduction after a 30-year career as one of techno’s most influential artists, and this collaboration with Sam WOLFE is the latest in what’s been a busy year for the Slovenian icon.

Aktivate” is the solo track on this release, and is defined by a captivating vocal sample that is underpinned by a concrete framework of punchy percussion and rumbling bass tones. Swelling synth stabs and bursts of breakbeat percussion ensure the energy is kept at boiling point as the track delivers its payload upon the dance floor. It’s a brutal track that is perfect for providing the knockout punch at the peak of a high-velocity DJ set.

Pick up a copy here.

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