Sonny Vice & Joe Crazy Interview [Q&A]


An exclusive Q&A interview with Sonny Vice and Joe Crazy on the EDM Cave. Find also their latest official release called “Over You”, available now worldwide by Sirup Music.

  • Sonny Vice, how did your career begin?

I was 15 back then when I started making my first productions in my mom’s washroom. I remember working on Cubase and had some really low-quality speakers… but I made sound ☺😊 

  • Joe Crazy, which is your first track ever released and from which label?

‘Mysterious’ on Future Soundz, Switzerland.

  • Is this your first collaboration together?

Yes, this one is the first! It was great to work together as we really felt the vibe at that one moment in the studio and created this song together. More will follow for sure! 

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your new single ‘Over You’? What was the inspiration behind it? What is it like releasing on Sirup Music? 

We were jamming in the studio and had some drinks, and somehow, we fell over the chords of “Over You”. The whole instrumental was created in a few hours and is inspired by current synthesizer and basslines.

It is really special and means a lot to us to release on EDX’s label. The team and the whole Crew is just amazing and we’re looking forward to work closer.

  • Sonny Vice, who is your favourite artist?

I am really up to Amê, these guy are totally insane and the music speaks just for itself! 

  • Joe Crazy, how have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

I was working a lot on my new projects and productions. I was able to use the time to get process in my producing skills.

  • Sonny Vice, what are your plans for the future?

I am already finishing my following singles and looking forward to sharing them with you guys – to be honest I really hope to get back on stage soon! I miss it so much. 

  • Joe Crazy, who is your dream collaborator (apart from Sonny of course ;))

It would really be crazy to work with artists like Usher or Jennifer Hudson. 😊

  • Sonny Vice, which DAW do you use to produce music?

I started with Cubase but I really feel comfortable with Logic X Pro & Ableton. 

  • Joe Crazy, do you play any instruments?

I order Pizza 😉

  • Sonny Vice, if you perform in public as a DJ. How does what you play on affect your style of DJing and what is your general process for finding music? 

Tricky question, I think the most important thing for me is, I always love to be a part of the crowd. And I really do not think too much when I prepare my self for the gig – it is something I feel and then just do. 

  • Joe Crazy, how do you think the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

It has hit hard public-events and clubs for sure, but I guess it was also a big impact in streaming and consuming music over the cloud.

  • Sonny Vice, on a personal level, what music do you listen to in your free time? Do you have other activities beside music? 

Love this question! I am totally in love with oldies and often listening to country music besides melodic techno. At the moment I am studying Fashion Design/HF at STF Switzerland and looking forward to combining music and fashion for inspiration.

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