SpekrFreks Release a Dubstep Remix of Melleefresh & Billy Newton-Davis’ ‘Candy’


SpekrFreks release their take on Melleefresh & Billy Newton-Davis’ hit track ‘Candy’ via Play Records. 

After being 13 years in the vault, Play Records introduces a tasteful version of ‘Candy’ by the San Franciscan duo SpekrFreks. Known for their special sound and style focused on Swing Tech, that combines House music with Glitch Hop and 1920s Swing, the duo originally experimented with Dubstep on this track during a time where the genre was not yet established. 

The original, released by Melleefresh and Billy Newton-Davis, in 2010, is an energetic Electro-House bop that showcases the unique and unparalleled style and sound of Melleefresh, presenting itself as an undeniable party anthem. 

As a revisit to an unbeatable collaboration between Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis and SpekrFreks, the three artists shine through the production and twist made by the tasteful duo while maintaining a fresh vibe and mighty sound. 

With eerie synth lines, hard-hitting beat, electrifying synthlines, captivating pads and sonic elements the track kicks off painting the soundscape of this mesmerising remix. 

The filtered vocals by Billy Newton-Davis and Melleefresh keep the allure of the original, while growling basslines take the listening journey into an undeniable Dubstep experience. 

This track presents itself as visit to the past, while showcasing a pure and refreshing Dubstep production that provides an unmissable experience.  

Don’t forget to follow SpekrFreks as they keep dropping new productions that keep their name high on the list of top artists in the Electronic music world as an iconic duo displaying a unique sound. 

And make sure to follow Melleefresh and Play Records because their release schedule promises upcoming new hits, as with this new release, the label continues to cement their position as one of the most respectful and established labels in the Electronic music world. 

‘Candy’ – SpekrFreks vs Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis is out now via Play Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

Listen and buy ‘Candy – SpekrFreks vs Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis’ now 


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