Splinter Cell drops a high-energy remix of Julien Earle’s, ‘To The Music


Julien Earle’s track “To The Music” gets a new hard techno remix by Splinter Cell who is a new artist making a first release.

It will be interesting to hear some original music from Splinter Cell, but from the breakneck speed and punishing energy of his remix, it is quite clear what we could expect from their trademark sound.

The original mix of the track has a peak time energy with thickset synths and an old-school breakbeat section in the middle of the track. It’s very similar to the style that Julien Earle has released via Spektre’s record label Respekt, as it’s a dark and heavy track with ominous tension.

Splinter Cell’s remix is largely defined by the increased tempo, as he keeps the synths and textured vocals from the original, but works in some intense screaming sounds that add to the ominous atmosphere.

Extra percussion and some industrial stabs also add to the brutality of Splinter Cell’s remix, which is not for the faint-hearted, as its high-octane style is in a similar realm to others such like Klangkuenstler and Kobosil.

You can buy a copy of the release HERE.

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