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Interview of STAN KAYH – French DJ & Producer

– Tell us about this new track, how did you get the idea of “Leave Tonight”?

First, it’s important to say that this track is ready since last year. So, “Leave Tonight” has been created during the beginning of the COVID. When I listened to the vocal, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to share with people.
These feelings of leaving far away from this unbelievable situation and this desire to get back to our world before. I hope this track will help people to be positive and get through this step.

– Your latest tracks & remixes were Big Room genre. Why did you change for a calmer music?

Yeah, that’s true. With Krees Waves we really like Big Room & festival music producing. My latest solo remix was a bigroom remix of Bella Ciao & it was the same things for our originals “Touch The Sky” & “Banga”.
Even if my favorite genres are bigroom & festival, I also love all the EDM style. And I’m really happy to vary my creations.
Besides, with Krees, we already prepared 2 new tracks for 2022, which are Pop Dance (like “Bring It On”).
Concerning “Leave Tonight”, this was the best genre to share my feelings with people. Something melodic & melancholy at the beginning in parallel with the current situation; then, the drop punchy & positive like if I was determined to leave far away with my backpack.

– For the first time, you signed with the label: « Alveda Music », can you tell us more about this?

Yes, I’m really proud to get signed at “Alveda Music Group”, which is a Greek and British EDM label. It’s a big group with different labels according to your genre. They also support many producers across the world. I am very happy to join the Alveda family.
About “leave tonight”, the track is signed in “Alveda Deep”, which is one the most important Alveda labels for the Deep House.
Many thanks to them for their support.

– Will you release other tracks before the end of 2021?

If there isn’t problem, yeah, with my duo Krees Waves, we should release new tracks and mainly remixes before the end of December.
I also work with Klaas with one of my new originals (I’m really proud of this one). And I have many tracks ready to get signed. So, at the moment, I can’t announce any dates.

– What are your other projects to come?
I stay focus on musical producing, and I also develop my French blog for DJs.
And I still work with Krees Waves on different projects. We help each other and Krees will announce surprises soon…

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