Terry Golden behind the scenes [Q&A]


Terry Golden continues to amaze with his constant stream of hard-hitting releases that seem to be unstoppable. Following the release of ‘Higher Love’ and his busy schedule producing new music and mixing for his weekly radio show ‘Art Of Rave’, the prominent DJ and producer introduces his latest release ‘Best Time In Space’, a mainstage banger that is ready to become a worldwide dancefloor favorite.

Terry Golden gave us a glimpse at the behind the scenes the production process of this new track. 

Hello Terry, how are things going?

Things are going great, summertime and festival season is getting closer, so I am super excited to get out there and play my music in front of a big audience.

You recently released ‘Best Time in Space’, what was your idea behind the track?

My music, heart and mind are in love with the progressive and melodic techno genres, so after the amazing feedback I got for ‘Illusion’, which was released in December 2021, I wanted to make something along the same lines. This time I tried to make it a bit more energetic, with the summer season in mind.

How did you start working on the song?

The vocals were the anchor point, but generally, I usually work around the melody and the drop part of the song to begin with, and then add drums and all the other stuff in step 2.

What feeling did you want to achieve with this track?

I want for the listener to let the melody enter their minds, and then get in that state of music trance where you just let yourself free and get energized.

What plugins or sounds did you use for this production?

I have my usual go-to plugins. Serum for bass, pads and leads. But this time, I used a custom made preset for the lead part. Around this Fabfilter, Izotope, Valhalla and Nicky Romero Kickstart 2, which is an awesome plugin for sidechaining. 

How long did it take you to produce ‘Best Time in Space’?

Who is counting, right? Honestly, I don’t know – I just know I made 13 different versions, before I had the one that made me super happy 😊. 

Can you describe the song using 3 words?

Mesmerizing, dreamy, energetic 

How does this track differ from previous releases?

Like I said, it has a more progressive and deeper techno vibe to it than some of my other more commercial EDM productions.

Are there any projects in the making you are excited about?

Yes, I just recently signed a deal with Blanco Y Negro, and I have 4 new awesome tracks coming out during this summer season. Also, I’m working on 3 collabs, so my release schedule is starting to fill up!

Where would you say it’s best to listen to ‘Best Time in Space’?

Everywhere man! For exercising, relaxing, in your car or even in the club. I think it will do well in all of these places.

Stream and buy ‘Best Time In Space’ now: https://save-it.cc/sirupmusic/SIR245

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