‘The Chase’ in September: Cody Chase Brings the Heat with Special Guests, Filterheadz and The Cosmic Boys


With a soaring popularity, Cody Chase’s ‘The Chase’ radio show has been taking the genre by storm; as he captures the attention of genre fans around the globe, with now over 75,000 followers tuning in to hear his captivating mixes, Cody Chase is fast becoming one of the most significant tastemakers within Electronic Music. September proved to be a memorable month for followers of ‘The Chase’, as Cody Chase presented tracks from the likes of Mha Iri, Marco Faraone, and Superstrobe and offered unforgettable guest mixes from Filterheadz and The Cosmic Boys. With an exceptional series of episodes throughout September, ‘The Chase’ established its place once more as the perfect destination for fans to explore the hottest new sounds of the genre.

Both standout moments during the month, Filterheadz and The Cosmic Boys each made an appearance on the show; bringing their own unique styles to the airwaves, this month’s guests were a welcome addition to ‘The Chase’, invigorating the show with fresh new energy and diversifying the listening experience. With their episodes delivering intoxicatingly thrilling vibes and Cody Chase showcasing his innovative mixing sound with episodes infused with mighty-sounding productions and smash track line-ups, listeners were no doubt hooked. As he displays his uncanny ability to curate captivating sonic adventures, Cody Chase shines a light on the diverse and extensive landscape of Electronic Music, immersing listeners in its vibrancy. 

As he spotlights both established Artists and rising stars within the genre, Cody Chase showcases a passionate and loyal dedication to the growth of Electronic Music. Using his platform to highlight the fresh and exciting innovators on the scene, Cody Chase affirms ‘The Chase’ as a significant influencer within Electronic Music, one that will continue to support the cultivation of new talent and pioneering creators.

There is no doubt that September was a noteworthy month for followers of ‘The Chase’; bringing the revolutionary sounds of Electronic Music to its listeners and exciting them with mixes from two guest stars, September was one to remember. As he promises to continue creating ground-breaking mixes, Cody Chase is sure to deliver yet more striking listens, so make sure to tune in to the next episode of ‘The Chase’ as it will no doubt be just as thrilling as the last.

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