This is Drunk & Play: the Dynamically Energetic and Passionately Creative DJ and Producer


Lúcio Merçon, the passionate and creative talent behind the name Drunk & Play, has broken onto the Electronic Music scene with a powerful force; bringing a fresh and exciting new energy, he has quickly established himself amongst the top innovative DJs and Producers within the genre, appearing as a motivated and enthusiastic addition whose productions are fast becoming firm favourites among genre lovers.  

As a teenager, Lúcio Merçon embarked on his journey towards musical discovery; as he joined the Samba group and played percussive instruments, he found a love for music that would soon grow to ignite a passion in him that would later lead to his inception of the Drunk & Play project. Embarking on his experimental exploration into the world of Electronic Music production, Lúcio Merçon started creating music under the Drunk & Play moniker in 2016; ever since, the talented Producer has worked to develop a distinctive sonic identity that sees him innovate his soundscapes with fresh and compelling sounds, emerging as a trailblazing presence within the ever-evolving landscape of Electronic Music.  Characterised by his signature blend of infectious rhythms and hard-hitting grooves, the music of Drunk & Play consistently raises the bar, invigorating dancefloors with punchy electricity and mighty-sounding vibes; firmly embedded in the Tech House genre, Drunk & Play’s productions never fail to bring the energy, captivating listeners with a magnetic charm and vibrant excitement.

With such a hard-hitting production sound and powerfully commanding stage presence, it is not surprising that Drunk & Play has enjoyed many milestone successes throughout his career. Having travelled across Brazil and taking to stages with many VIP names within Electronic Music like Classmatic, Mochakk, Trallez, and Gabe, to name a few, Drunk & Play has developed an experienced skill when it comes to live performance: a talent that enables him to consistently deliver striking DJ sets that are both stimulating and unforgeable in experience. Alongside his performance achievements, Drunk & Play’s music has already enjoyed significant support from heavyweight figures in the Electronic Music world; established artists like Michael Bibi, Cloonee, Mochakk, Trallez and Kevin Knapp, among others, have all shown their support, proof of Drunk & Play’s impressive production talents and a deserving credit that only serves to cement his name as one to watch as he keeps carving out his creative path within Electronic Music.

As he keeps building a momentum that shows no signs of slowing, this talented Producer and DJ is no doubt one of the most exciting rising stars currently on the Electronic Music scene: elevating the genre to new heights with his unmissable productions, and adrenaline-fueled live performances, Drunk & Play is sure to keep propelling himself to the forefront of the genre, demanding attention from genre enthusiasts worldwide.

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