Turbo-D Releases a New Smashing Hit ‘Gonn’ Get It’


German DJ and music producer Turbo-D is here with a fresh hard-hitting banger. David Hesse, otherwise known as Turbo-D is ready to present ‘Gonn’ Get It’ through Play Records. 

Following the exquisite release of the bass house track ‘How You Like It’ as part of Play Records ’NYE 2023’ compilation album, the DJ strikes back with a tech house production that will definitely make a ripple in the electronic dance music scene worldwide. 

With influences like Bijou, Bassjackers and Malaa, and with more than 20 years of experience as a live performer; this impressive DJ and music producer shares his highly energetic and mighty sound and style through his powerful releases that have received wide support from audiences across the globe; making his underground leaning yet groovy sounding productions a certified success. 

Following the success of his previous releases through labels like G-Mafia, Play Records and his own Turbo label, now, he introduces this fresh stimulating track ‘Gonn’ Get It’ as a new addition to his impressive catalog.  

An energetic beat kicks off the track, that soon meets a bouncy bassline that joins the party, as processed vocals rhythmically play with the rhythm. 

The intensity builds up to reach a hard-hitting drop where the party is released in full force. 

Synth lines and pads add new colorful layers as the track develops while keeping the energizing and refreshing vibes going.  

This track is surely one for tech house lovers looking for a banger to add to their playlist. 

With this new release, Turbo-D certainly proves why his name deserves to climb to the top of the list of DJs to follow, as his impressive productions serve as proof of it. 

Don’t forget to follow Turbo-D and Play Records, as they continue to release stellar productions. 

‘Gonn’ Get It’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

Listen and buy ‘Gonn’ Get It’ now 


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