“We hope this record will be a real weapon in every DJs set” MorganJ & G-POL interview


Following their individual successes with AAA labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Universal Music and HEXAGON, Italy’s MorganJ and G-POL from Turkey present their new collab BAD, blending techno, tech house, and EDM into a powerful electro-tinged anthem.

With the single out on Heldeep, we caught up with both artists for a chat.

Welcome to EDM Cave – how’s the year been for you both so far?

G-POL – Hey! Thank you very much for the invitation, I will be happy to answer all your questions. The year has been very wonderful! I am lucky enough to become a father and spend most of my time playing with my daughter and raising her. At the same time, I go to the gym, work on music and delve deeper into sound synthesis and study of plug-ins for sound processing.

MorganJ – Hey everyone!!! Thank you for the invite, I’m doing great and I started this year with a few club bangers, working on a lot of music and working as an author for Pop music, so 2024 is starting great!

Can you describe the creative process behind “BAD”? How did you blend your unique styles to create this track?

G-POL – This is our second collaboration with MorganJ, and I think we work well together! When I started creating the track, I decided to use my Moog SubSequent37 synthesizer as the main lead sounds to give the track a deep analog sound. After I finished my track, it turned out to be too underground, with a speed of 120 bpm, with a soft kick and a completely different bass line construction. When I sent the track to Morgan, he liked it and immediately agreed to do a collaboration. After I listened to his version, I realized that this track could become more successful than what we did the first time. I hope this record will be a real weapon in every DJ’s set and will find its audience all over the world.

MorganJ – BAD is born differently than our first track that we released few years ago, it’s something different from my style and G-Pol music, something darker and dirty I think, pretty sure that it will be played by a lot of DJs.

What inspired you to collaborate on “BAD”? How did the idea for this collaboration come about?

G-POL – In my circle of friends there is no more worthy artist who would agree to bring such a strong sound to my track, so I immediately turned to MorganJ with a proposal for cooperation.

MorganJ – George sent me a finished track made with our lovely Moog Subsequent 37, and I was immediately in love with the vibe so I decided to re-create part of the track to make it more playable for every DJ with more bpms and heavy kick and bass.

MorganJ, how does “BAD” differ from your previous collaborations with artists like Will Sparks and Oliver Heldens?

MorganJ – Maybe the vision, Ma Luv with Oliver Heldens is more housy with few old school rave sounds, and the two Will Sparks collaborations are more techno and definitively harder than BAD eheheh…

G-POL, how has your experience with HEXAGON influenced the production of “BAD”?

G-POL – Hexagon is a wonderful label! I really like their team and still communicate and work with them. I’ve released a lot of different genres of music on Hexagon, but this time I decided to do something more underground and interesting in order to find a new listener and see people’s reaction to the new sound.

“BAD” incorporates elements of techno, tech house, and EDM. How did you decide on this genre fusion, and what challenges did you face during production?

G-POL – As I initially said, initially in my first version the track had a soft kick, deep groove and low speed characteristic of the Indie Dance style. Difficulties arose when changing the track speed. When changing the speed of each track, artifacts appeared in some sounds (a classic stretching problem in FL STUDIO), and since all the leading sounds were recorded live by me on the Moog at 120 tempo, it was almost impossible for me to re-record them at a new tempo, because I didn’t I used no automation in the project, but turned all the knobs in a random order in the live recording. But despite this, we still did it.

MorganJ – I honestly never think about the final genre when I start a demo or collab with someone, so I think that George and I never thought about the exact style of the track at the beginning.

The track has already received support from major artists like Oliver Heldens and ARTBAT. How important is this early support for you, and what does it mean for the track’s success?

G-POL – The support of the big mastodons of the music industry is always important for an artist of any level, especially if such artists play your music at their shows. This is an indicator that whatever you do, you are doing it for a reason! I am very glad that my music is liked by DJs and artists of such magnitude.

MorganJ – Supports by any kind of DJs are important for club tracks, but when a big artist like Oliver Heldens, Benny Bennassi, Chris Avantgarde starts to play the track before the release date can promote so good the track early.

Both of you have performed at major festivals and stages. How do you think “BAD” will resonate with live audiences compared to your previous tracks?

G-POL – Definitely yes! This track is different from all my previous works and I think that such experiments should be continued and not be afraid to do something new.

MorganJ – I can only say that I can’t wait to play it live in a festival or a big club to see the crowd reaction, cause every artist is telling me that people go crazy with this track!!!

Can you share any memorable moments from the production or promotion of “BAD”?

G-POL – To be honest, I can’t remember. For me, creating music is an absolute immersion in the process, and since I have been making music for many years, I no longer know what can be surprising. Probably the most memorable moment was the process of creating leading sounds. It is an incredible pleasure to turn the knobs live and hear the result, rather than pressing a mouse button on the computer and turning the knobs in the Serum.

MorganJ – The moment when I saw Oliver Heldens premiere BAD at the Ultra Music Festival Mainstage, it will always be unforgettable.

What do you hope listeners take away from “BAD”? Are there any specific emotions or messages you aimed to convey?

G-POL – Everyone will take away from this track what they want, my task was to make a cool track so that when listening, people, on the contrary, try to distance themselves from all thoughts and problems, and just enjoy listening and dance.

MorganJ – Dance, harder than other tracks ahahaha… only joking, anyway I hope that they will enjoy the moment that it will start somewhere.

Looking ahead, do you have plans for more collaborations together or other exciting projects in the pipeline?

G-POL – I am always open to new collaborations, and at this stage I would like to try to work with Oliver Heldens, I think we could do something interesting and danceable. Thank you for the invitation, it was a pleasure to answer your questions!

MorganJ – I’m working on a lot of tracks with big artists and I can’t wait to finish and release them!!!

BAD is out now on Heldeep Records

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