A Top Guest Mix and Powerful Track Listings: This was June on ‘Art Of Rave’


Terry Golden’s radio show ‘Art Of Rave’ continues to captivate listeners with its dynamic episodes and thoughtfully curated track selections. Throughout June, Terry Golden delivered a diverse collection of mixes, showcasing his deep understanding of Electronic Music whilst keeping the energy levels high. With each episode coming as a credit to his creativity and passion for the genre, ‘Art Of Rave’ remains a compelling extension of Terry Golden’s craft, vital in his connection with fans worldwide.  

In June, ‘Art Of Rave’ featured the industry VIP Nicky Romero: a memorable moment and a milestone for the show itself. Nicky Romero, known for his iconic tracks and innovative contributions to the Electronic Music scene, brought a mix that was both eclectic and impactful. With tracks from his discography, including his well-known collaboration alongside Almero, ‘So Much Love,’ Nicky Romero no doubt raised the sonic heat on ‘Art Of Rave.’ As he took the time to showcase the work of rising stars like Timmo Hendriks and DØBER, Nicky Romero enriched the listening experience, diversifying June on the show as he put forward his original approach. With the reputation of the guests that take to ‘Art Of Rave’ continuing to soar as more and more genre heavyweights join the line-up, it is clear that Terry Golden’s radio show is becoming a significant platform on the scene, leaving an impression with the sonic range it offers.  

Terry Golden’s own productions also shone brightly during his mixes for June on ‘Art Of Rave.’ Showcasing tracks that span across his production catalogue, from releases like ‘Heartache’ to reworks that included a remix of Depeche Mode’s, ‘People Are People’, Terry Golden’s mixes served as a vibrant display of his production expertise, creativity, and talent. As his track listings focused on his own music whilst remaining balanced in the array of other gifted Artists he showcased, Terry Golden once again used his platform to highlight his versatility as a Producer, spotlighting his signature sound to make each episode a compelling reflection of his artistic identity.  

As ‘Art Of Rave’ keeps growing in popularity, Terry Golden’s dedication to presenting eclectic yet seamlessly blended mixes ensures that every episode is a unique and immersive auditory journey. His innovative approach and expert mixing skills continue to lead listeners to eagerly tune in week after week, solidifying ‘Art Of Rave’ as a must-listen show for those looking to dive deeper into the rich landscape of Electronic Music today.   

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