Alex Breitling Returns To Purified Records With ‘Lilie’ EP


German melodic producer Alex Breitling has become synonymous with sunshine-infused house music that helps to lift spirits with its light hearted nature. Delivering his two-track ‘Lilie’ EP on Purified Records, Alex displays his production prowess with a further insight into his soaring and uplifting sound.

Available now for streaming and download: https://purifiedrecords.lnk.to/Lilie

Whisking the listener away from their troubles, ‘Lilie’ provides a sonic escape across its duration. Travelling across a peaceful soundscape, Alex incorporates gentle piano keys and an array of joyful samples. Flowing into ‘Faith’, Alex captures the essence of summer, blending gentle chords and synths to achieve a blissful melodic production. Harnessing the ability to soothe with his feel-good instrumental arrangements, Alex’s tunes resonate with people all around the globe and he continues to raise the bar with every release.
Embarking on his musical career at the age of 18, Alex Breitling began DJing in local clubs in his hometown of Koblenz, Germany. In 2012, he made the decision to work with his first DAWs to begin producing his own tracks. Taking piano lessons to add depth to his repertoire, Alex released ‘Lift Up’ via Armada Records, which pushed his name out into the global dance circuit and brought in new bookings across Germany. Moving from strength to strength in 2020, he released EPs on MonaberryZehn Records and became a part of the Purified Records family. With a stunning array of releases on Purified, including his ‘Moonlight’ EP and his ‘Arosa’ EP, with every release Alex Breitling delivers timeless creations that give further insight into his melodic mind. Follow Alex on his socials below for more.

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