Cyazon Summer 2021 Interview


In recent times, Cyazon has pushed through the boundaries of conventional music with his inimitable hybrid spin on modern dance music. Cyazon ensures he brings something fresh to the EDM scene with every single release, alongside support from reputable artists like ‘Au5’ and ‘Zomboy’ who have helped him to harness his raw talent. Cyazon has improved massively since the start of his career, his talent for Production has ensured bountiful successes in the industry with releases like ‘Neo Soul’ with Essenger, which its debuted on Monstercat and garnered a substantial amount of attention. Check out what Cyazon has been up to this summer.

  • What is your favorite part of the summer?

The warm weather usually, but Los Angeles is always warm haha. It seems that more people go outside and have fun during the summer months so that is nice.

  • Best summer festival?

I have only been to Hard Summer so far, and that was decent. Some day I really want to go EDC Las Vegas..

  • Have you got a summer highlight?

I rented a convertible since I have no car yet, and went to Malibu, a beach near Los Angeles. I went on a short hike near the beach, and I also slept near the highway for most of the night. The next day I went to Joshua Tree, which is a desert two hours away from Los Angeles. So that was a much needed getaway weekend.

  • What have you missed the most this summer?

I think I have not had a desire to go to more shows or festivals since I’m so used to sticking to myself and working on music. I need to make more of an effort to go out to more music shows.

  • What is your favorite holiday destination?

I usually like to go back home for the holidays since it’s winter and snowing, but there is a mountain house in North Carolina my family has, which was nice to go to for the holidays. I do want to make more of an effort to travel outside of the country, and travel the world. There’s a lot I want to see.

  • Have you got any top tips for staying cool?

Make sure you have central AC in your apartment, or a lot of AC’s running simultaneously if you do not have central air conditioning. I made a mistake of getting an apartment that has no AC in the living room so it makes it difficult to work on music.

  • Does your music change at all during the summer months?

I would say most of the music I make sounds kind of average during the summer months. It is not until the winter or spring when I start to make really good music. I work in cycles during each year so I’m trying to get better at making amazing music consistently. During the summer months, It is also a lot of refining my skills, and repetition with making tons of music I end up not releasing or have no plans of continuing.

  • Name one thing you are looking forward to doing next summer?

Definitely going out to more shows, festivals, having a car, and going out a lot more often in Los Angeles.

Cyazon Online: https://ffm.bio/cyazon

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