ALEX LNDN, A Promising Future Rave Producer


ALEX LNDN is a French music producer from Paris. After a few years DJing and crafting his art, he started having some interests in the production area.

Musically trained, his dark underground influences mixed with his love for EDM has got him thinking of producing a unique music genre that would have the crazy energy of the festival bangers and the dark and cold melodic vibes of the more underground scene.

It is only after the DJs David Guetta & MORTEN started their new genre in 2019 called “Future Rave” that ALEX LNDN saw a revival in EDM as well as this potential bridge binding the more mainstream music with an underground touch to it.

After receiving the likes of MORTEN and from many other international DJs, ALEX LNDN began to develop his own Future Rave style. His upcoming release on Alveda Pulse entitled ‘Station One’ (out July 29) has been a tough but a rather inspiring track to make.
The project originates as far as November 2020. “Developing the melody as well as the drums first has been essential in the making of this track, and I was really happy it came naturally but it took months to finish the structure as well as the sound quality” he said.
Once the track was ready, ALEX LNDN had sent it over to MORTEN and David Guetta‘s team and had received amazing feedbacks.

More to come soon from the French Future Rave producer.

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