Behind the scenes: Jacob Colon’s latest release ‘Steal The Night’


Ever since surfacing on the House scene with a of unique blend of Latin elements to produce high energy and heavy basslines though his label ‘Made to Move Records’, Jacob Colon has demonstrated copious amounts of talent through his music production. Jacob Colon has gone from strength to strength after a big 2020 and is continuing to produce music that provides the well needed escapism that we’re all craving as we prepare to get back on the dancefloor for the heat season. Jacob Colon has spent the last year knuckling down on his music which has resulted in some outstanding releases, and ‘Steal The Night’ another one to add to the list.

Hey Jacob, great to have you back. How are you doing?

I’ve been great. We’ve been able to see some light in the entertainment industry. Recently, the NY governor lifted all regulations that required vaccine documentation to enter. It’s been great to see all my friends at the clubs again. Other than that, it’s been a non-stop grind in the studio.

For those who haven’t heard ‘Steal The Night’, how would you describe it?

I like to tell a story in my songs. The image in my head when creating this track was a man walking through a desert. When the kick drops out, I bring in the vocal to represent a woman talking to the man saying “Come with me, let’s dance. I got my eyes on you all night, now it’s our turn to steal the night”. So the overall vibe is very seductive and mysterious.

Can you talk us through the inspiration and story behind ‘Steal The Night’?

The inspiration came after I recorded myself playing the snake charmer melody. It’s very catchy and helps create a mysterious atmosphere. Once I decided on that, the rest of the song came easily. While arranging the different sections, more ideas came to me which lead me to contact my friend, Youstina Rofial, who recorded the vocals for me.

Who are your main musical inspirations at the moment?

Oscar G is always been my main inspiration. I listen to a lot of different genres though. I like Rauw Alejandro, J Cole, Nicky Jam, Martinez Bros, and Alicia Keys.

What techniques do you use to keep your creative spirit alive?

Daydreaming about bigger goals.

What tips do you have for budding Producers wanting to crack the House scene?

Focus on perfecting your sound and stay true to what you like. 

How did you get in contact with Youstina Rofial for this release?

Youstina is a friend of mine. When I first heard her speak Arabic, I immediately told her we should do a song. She agreed to it, but we never really made a commitment to do it. After I decided to stick with the snake charmer melody as the main concept for the song, I instantly knew I wanted to put an Arabic twist to the song and contacted her. She recorded the vocals on her iPhone and sent them to me through text and boom, Steal the Night was created.

The Middle Eastern elements in this release are a really nice touch, how did you go about incorporating them in your music?

Like I mentioned above, after the snake charmer melody came to mind, I went full Arabic on the rest of the song. During the breakdown of the track, I used a darbuka drum which is a symbol of Egyptian Shaabi music. I’ve had this idea for a while. This time I was able to connect all the parts needed to complete the song.  

What are your hopes for this release?

I would really like to reach fans in Arab countries. House music is a universal language but I’ve never heard a house song comprise of Arabic elements together.

What plugins did you use to create the track?

I have a secret formula, but I’ll say one of the ingredients is the Roland Cloud software.

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