An Interview with Dutch DJ and Producer Paul Mayson


Recently, we sat down with Dutch DJ/producer signed to SONY NL Paul Mayson. Gain an insight in to one of the brightest young starlets in the European dance music scene!

Your latest single/EP is out now, how can you describe the creative process on this one?

Thanks for having me guys! It was great fun. My goal was to make a record that just makes you feel good and free. Fusing house music with more organic samples and influences from disco, soul, hip hop and indie. That’s what made the process really exciting for me, putting all of that together. The first track is a little more uplifting and really a house record. For the second track I experimented with a different BPM, different textures and took a more indie electronic approach.

How did that process differ from past releases, if at all?

I always love to go for soulful and positive records, often inspired by the sound and culture of the early house era which had a big impact on me musically. That feel-good element is always in there and it’s what I love doing. The second track on the EP was really an experiment though, I’ve never released something at that BPM and with that type of drum pattern. It was a lot more organic and I actually loved doing it. I played drums when I was younger for many years and it’s basically a really organic drum recording!

You had major influence from Chicago’s ‘Street Players’, where did this influence come from?

Whenever I hear that sample it always really speaks to me. It’s just iconic and has that instant character and that feel-good vibe to it. To me it’s a record and a sample that should live on forever.

80’s house music was another key focal point on this release, is there a particular 80’s house song that influenced you the most?

Yeah! Check out:

Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body

Joe Smooth – Promised Land
J.M. Silk – Music Is The Key

These are a few great ones, but there’s many more! Many of these different variations in house drum patterns as well as the samples influenced me a lot.

Outside of music, where else do you find inspiration when producing?

I love to go for a walk, especially in a foreign city for example. Just to feel the vibe, seeing new things, meeting new people. That always brings me fresh inspiration. And apart from that, I love to go for a jam session on a few synths instead of starting the production process within my laptop. ‘I Want You’, the second track on the EP was actually mostly born from a jam session. It just brings a total new perspective.

If you could secure a guest vocalist from any era, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d love to work with Jamiroquai and Prince. They’re just iconic to me, they’re a big inspiration.

How can you describe the experience of working with SONY for such a long time?

It’s been great, I love the people and I love working on a long term vision with them like that. It’s also great being able to just walk into the office in Amsterdam for a brainstorm session, I’ve also worked with labels abroad where you didn’t have that option and that connection.

If you could headline any festival in the world, which would it be and why?

I think a place like Sziget for example would be very cool, because it’s a cross-over festival which I think suits me and is very exciting to me musically.

Outside of your native Dutch scene, is there another country with a dance music scene that really resonates with you? Why this scene?

I love the UK and am really into the electronic music coming from there. I like London a lot and I actually go there quite a lot to work with UK songwriters and artists.

What can we expect from Paul Mayson in the near future?

A lot more music, I actually have some really exciting news coming soon! 🙂

If you can leave your fans with a message, what would it be?

I really appreciate the love on the new music and the new journey that I embarked on. I’ve been in the studio more than ever and I’ve got a lot more music to share this year!

If you could give yourself one piece of advice as you were starting out producing, what would it be?

I would say just have fun with it, do what YOU like, don’t copy other stuff too much. Believe in what you’re passionate about. Be open to working with different people. Learn from people. Be persistent. And it will shine through! Much love

Thanks Paul!

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