Salvione Presents A Stellar Line-Up of Talent in September’s Episodes of ‘Elevated Radio’


Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ delivered another series of high-energy episodes throughout September; igniting the airwaves with the sounds of House and Tech House, Salvione presented his high-quality mixing style, guiding listeners on enthralling sonic journeys through carefully curated mixes and mighty-sounding productions. With track line-ups that included the likes of Castion and Lexlay, and a powerful takeover from Phat Suppli, September on ‘Elevated Radio’ certainly brought electrifying energy to the genre.

‘Elevated Radio’ is familiar with welcoming guest stars to join the party; with an ever-growing list of invitees who have each brought their own unique styles into the mix, heating up the decks with innovative and fresh sounds, the radio show is no stranger to presenting a diverse range of talent to its followers. This month, Salvione handed the decks over to the UK-based Producer Phat Suppli; with an exciting musical resume already, having had tracks released on labels like Farris Wheel and Force Of Habit, she is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Elevating the month into new creative realms, Phat Suppli delivered her unique blend of Tech House, showcasing the vibrant and hard-hitting sounds of the genre. As Salvione continues to invite other Producers onto the show, he ensures that ‘Elevated Radio’ remains unpredictable and fresh, showcasing a dedication to bringing surprising sonic moments to his followers.

With a blend of established and up-and-coming Artists, ‘Elevated Radio’ continues to shine a light on the exciting talent emerging from the ever-evolving landscape of Electronic Music. Throughout September, Salvione introduced a range of different tracks to listeners, immersing them in sonic experiences unlike any other; as he presents productions from Producers like Vito Beto, JB Martinz, and The Otter Gang, it is clear that Salvione is not afraid to dive deep into the genre to discover fresh talent, emerging to spotlight the rising stars within Electronic Music.

As he continues energising the genre with his unique and passionate creativity, Salvione solidifies his status as an innovative tastemaker; with listeners hooked to his unwavering enthusiasm and distinct sonic identity, there is no doubt that the popularity and reputation of ‘Elevated Radio’ will continue to grow. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to tune into the next episode as Salvione promises to continue delivering striking mixes that are unforgettable in energy and unmissable in sound. 

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