Cyazon Talks About His Studio Setup, Production Processes and More in Exclusive Interview


DJ and music producer Cyazon displays his potent sound and signature style with every high-quality and impressive production he unveils. 

His characteristic sound that merges genres like Electro House or Dubstep with a futuristic vision and cyberpunk aesthetic is certainly one to follow. 

With an innate talent for producing compelling music that keeps building a world of its own, Cyazon is a trailblazer and prominent music producer. 

We talked with him about his studio setup, his production process and his favorite gear. 

Hello Cyazon! How are you doing? 

Doing good thank you! 

Can you walk us through your studio? How does your setup look like? 

This is my studio setup. I use a Universal Audio Apollo Twin X audio interface for headphones, and my Shure SM7B microphone for dialogue in tracks or for recording YouTube videos and social media content. I have 2 sets of headphones. I have Sennheiser HD660S headphones for producing on and as my main mixing headphones. Then, I have my Rosson Planer Magnetic headphones as an extra point of reference for mixing. I probably should use them a lot more since they are really good. I have a Native Instruments S61 keyboard to write my melodies for my songs. Then I have a computer monitor to mainly produce on too. I should get studio monitors again at some point, but for right now I do not see the need for them.  

Which DAW do you use to produce music? Have you always used the same? 

I use Ableton Live 11. I have always used Ableton since I first started making music.  

Is there a usual workflow when you produce a new track, or does it vary depending on what you’re working on? 

I would say the workflow when producing the track is mostly the same, but it can vary sometimes depending on which part of the track I start with. I start with making sure I have all the sounds I want to use either before or during the process of producing. Then, I usually start producing linearly from intro to the end of the track. I find producing the track linearly helps the track be more cohesive and tells the story I want with the track. Then, when the track is finished, I mix and master at the very end.  

Do you have a favorite spot in the studio where you always feel inspired? 

There is not a particular favorite spot where I’m inspired, but I do find I tend to write my favorite melodies, the ones I resonate with mostly on my keyboard. 

What’s your favorite piece of gear, hardware or software, in the studio? 

My favorite pieces of software are definitely U-he Diva, Arturia 5 series analog plugins, and the hardware preset section in Omnisphere 2. I had to list a few pieces of software synthesizer plugins that I love to use in my music.  

What’s the oldest piece of gear you own? 

I would say my Sennheiser HD660S headphones are about 5 years old at this point. I find them to be very reliable when I’m making music and finalizing the mix. 

And what’s the latest piece of gear you brought to the studio? 

I bought Wavesfactory Trackspacer plugin a few months ago to help with mixing melodic elements and vocals happening at the same time that take up a similar frequency range. I have found it to help make the vocals stand out a little more, and not clash with melodic elements that may be taking up that same space. 

Is there something you’d like to add to the studio soon? 

At some point either new studio monitors or a hardware synthesizer to have some new sounds to use. 

Do you have any fun stories or cool anecdotes about producing in your studio? 

A few years ago, and even a few months ago, sometimes I will end up making a really good song that I’m happy with and can resonate with on a deep level that I will keep playing the song over and over again. That is when I know I made a really good song when it feels so fulfilling and nice to listen to. 

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