Apollo Xo Answers a Round of Quickfire Questions


Apollo Xo is certainly a name to follow. His unique style and mighty sound are shown in each release and powerful performance. With an impressive release catalog with remarkable remixes and unmissable originals, Apollo Xo cements his name as a DJ to keep a close eye on. 

Now, we invited Apollo Xo to answer a round of quickfire questions. 

Big festival or small venue? 

This is a hard one, I love playing to a huge crowd but there’s nothing better than an intimate show where everybody’s on the same vibe. Gonna go with small venue. 

Original or remix? 

Remix. I feel like the original will always be what birthed the idea but remixes give an idea so many different opportunities to affect people the original may not have ever reached. 

Funniest career anecdote? 

Long story short, I rode my Harley to a gig in Indianapolis from Chicago which is about a 4-hour ride and didn’t bring my laptop since I was a taking the motorcycle. When my GF and I got to the hotel I realized I forgot my USBs in Chicago and didn’t have my laptop so I had to run to Walmart buy new USBs and use the opening DJs laptop to download my USB back-ups off Rekordbox’s cloud. I’ll never forget that stress. 

Biggest inspiration? 

Calvin Harris, Dj Snake, Dom Dolla, Pharell & Zhu. 

Favorite release so far? 

“Haunted” my latest release. 

Latest thing you’ve learned? 

I think I’ve finally learned compression and understand it 😂 

Favorite studio equipment? 

Currently, my PMC studio monitors. 

Best personal quality? 

Very goal focused and will always think outside the box. 

Favorite gig you’ve played?  

Black Coffee at Tao. 

Any advice to give? 

Find your lane and stay in it, don’t get distracted. Not every gig is a good gig sometimes you have to say no to keep yourself free, but also to keep your brand identity. 

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