Darude and Ed Raissi Join Terry Golden for Epic April ‘Art of Rave’ Episodes


April’s episodes of Terry Golden’s ‘Art of Rave’ show were a treat for fans of Electronic Dance music, featuring two stellar guests: Darude and Ed Raissi. Along with the special guests, Terry Golden curated a mix of classic and contemporary tracks from established and emerging artists in the Electronic Dance music scene. 

Darude, known for his hit track ‘Sandstorm,’ played a variety of tracks, including some of his own productions. Ed Raissi, a rising star in the Electronic Dance music scene, also played some of his own productions and remixes, showcasing his unique sound and style. In addition to the special guests, Terry Golden also featured his latest release, ‘My Head’, the track is a high-energy banger that showcases Terry Golden’s talent as a Producer and his commitment to the Electronic Dance music scene. 

Throughout the episodes, Terry Golden’s passion for rave culture and Electronic dance music was evident, as he expertly curated a mix of high-energy bangers and a diverse range of tracks, his enthusiasm showcasing the best in Electronic music made ‘Art of Rave’ a must-listen for fans of the genre. 

Listeners are always treated to a diverse listening experience, highlighting the best in Electronic Dance music from around the world, alongside Terry Golden’s expert curation, creating unmissable mixes and episodes. 

April’s episodes of “Art of Rave” were a celebration of Electronic Dance music that brought together established and emerging artists, along with Terry Golden’s own hard-hitting releases. With his enthusiasm, passion, and expert curation, Terry Golden continues to provide a platform for the best music. ‘Art of Rave’ certainly remains a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the world of Electronic Dance music. 

You can check out ‘Art of Rave’ on any of the 60+ radio stations or online on the likes of Mixcloud, Amazon Music & many more online audio streaming platforms. 

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