Tony Kay’s April Episodes of ‘In The Mix’ Showcase Diverse Range of Sounds and Styles


DJ and producer Tony Kay has been making waves in the Electronic Dance music scene with his weekly radio show ‘In The Mix.’ In April, Tony Kay delivered another lineup of exciting episodes, showcasing his unique and global perspective on the House genre. Tony Kay’s April episodes of ‘In The Mix’ were a proof of his talent as a DJ and Producer, as he expertly blended established and up-and-coming artists, showcasing a diverse range of sounds and styles that kept his listeners engaged and excited for what was to come. One of the standout moments of Tony Kay’s April episodes of “In The Mix” was his live performance at the iconic Ministry of Sound in London, which he featured in the final episode of the month, the live recording showcased Tony Kay’s unique sound and style, as well as his skills as a DJ, the energetic and enthusiastic crowd at Ministry of Sound provided the perfect setting for Tony Kay’s high-energy beats and infectious sound, making for an unforgettable performance that was felt through the airwaves. 

Tony Kay’s dedication to promoting new and emerging artists was also on full display in his April episodes of ‘In The Mix.’ He featured a range of up-and-coming talent from around the world, providing a platform for these artists to be heard by his loyal following. 

Tony Kay’s April episodes of ‘In The Mix’ showcased his passion for Electronic Dance music and his talent as a DJ and Producer, with his unique sound and growing reputation, Tony Kay is steadily becoming a prominent figure in the industry. Looking ahead, fans of House music can expect the DJ/Producer to continue delivering passionate and dynamic episodes of ‘In The Mix’. With his dedication to showcasing new and emerging talent, music from industry heavyweights, as well as, his unique sound and energy, Tony Kay is placing his name high on the list of DJs in the genre, and his April episodes were further proof of his ability to captivate audiences around the world. 

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