‘Desiderati 4.11’ is a new techno VA from UMEK’s 1605


The latest release from UMEK‘s record label 1605, ‘Desiderati 4.11’, presents peak time techno tracks by Sam WOLFE, Kos:mo, Phoenix Movement, as well as a joint effort from Førehand and Rooney Nasr.

Sam WOLFE is an American DJ and producer who regularly releases on the 1605 label. His most recent release on the imprint was a collaboration with UMEK, although he has previously displayed his driving sound on other labels ranging from Senso Sounds to Tronic.

He’s returning this time with a solo production called “Running From Yourself” that includes Amye’s spoken word vocals. The hard-hitting track has an unsettling breakdown that stands in stark contrast to the ominous and rumbling beat.

Following the success of his releases on other important record labels like Spektre’s Respekt and Space 92’s Perfekt Groove, German artist Kos:mo is making his 1605 debut.

The core of his track “Voices From Above” is a pulsing bassline and a hammering kick drum that underpins pitched vocals, a spiralling synth sound, and powerful arpeggio tones.

A well-known Bulgarian techno producer, Phoenix Movement has worked with other prestigious record labels, including Cosmic Boys’ Scander and Metodi Hristov’s Set About.

Phoenix Movement’s track “With You” includes mesmerising vocals that are layered with pulsing rhythms and menacing bass stabs. A persistent energy is released, pausing only for the spine-tingling anticipation of the breakdown, before the drums hit back in.

Førehand and Rooney Nasr are joining forces for the first time. Lebanese musician Rooney Nasr has previously been on imprints including The YellowHeads’ Reload Black. Turkish producer Førehand has worked with labels like Revealed Recordings. Their track “Never Know” features an uplifting lead that’s laced with euphoria and built on a foundation of heavy percussion.

It is another strong release from UMEK’s 1605 which remains a dominant force in today’s techno scene.

You can pick up a copy of this release from HERE.

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