DJ Avi Sic Answers Fun Questions For A ‘Yes or No’ Interview


Masterful DJ and music producer Avi Sic is keeping busy this Summer. Between her back to back live performances, the time working on the new music that’s coming, and mixing for her successful weekly radio show ‘Late Checkout’, she shows no signs of stopping; keeping the bar high in terms of quality and hard-hitting music that catches the attention of listeners all over the world.  

In the midst of her busy schedule, we sat down with her to ask her opinion on certain topics; this is what she said. 

Hello Avi Sic, how are you?, We’d like to ask you some Yes/No questions and we’d like to know the reason behind every answer, are you ready? 

1. Is the West Coast better than the East Coast? 


I’m from the East coast, so I’m biased on this one. The air is so fresh, the mountains are gorgeous, and the vibe is go go go. 

2. Are late-night performances better than early sets? 


People let loose more. 

3. Is Saturday better than Sunday? 


Sunday parties can be super fun but most people don’t work on Sundays so Saturday is the turn up day. 

4. Is producing better than performing? 


Both are rewarding but something about playing to a live crowd is unmatched. 

5. Do you prefer to perform for large crowds instead of a smaller audience? 


The more energy in the crowd the better. 

6. Is Chicago better than NY? 


 That’s what has kept me here so long. Summers in Chicago are amazing. It’s a beautiful city to explore with so much to do. But regarding the pizza – NY definitely wins that category. 

7. Are extended versions better than radio versions? 


There’s nuances in extended versions that are not included in radio edits. Radio edits get to the point quick but sometimes it’s nice to vibe to the build. 

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