Maryana Pinto Interview [Q&A]

An exclusive interview of Maryana Pinto on EDM Cave

-How did you begin with music and djing?

I was always interested in music but the Interest in electronic music developed in 2011 when I moved to St. Petersburg, later I fell in love with it when I moved to Goa in 2014. The underground culture is very developed here also there are a lot of festivals in Goa with international artists, so you cook in this culture.  Two years later my DJ friend taught me the basics of DJing and that was the start of my career.

-How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

If you want to be successful you must evolve constantly, follow the latest trends, Follow the news, listen to a lot of artists and learn.

-With which labels and artists have you worked on?

I am working with a team and releasing music on a label named Tech Warriors, which was founded by our friend G Monk. While working withe label I have also shared the stage with international names like  Hozho, Sasha, Stan Kolev, Budakid, Shal Ocin, Hot Since 82, Kas:st, Anturage, Tali Muss and many more.

-Any new releases?

Currently I am working on a remix for Teklix which will release by the end of July also i have 2 collaborations with my friends, which I am planning to release by the end of 2022.

-In the studio, what’s your set-up?

I am currently dreaming about my ideal studio, but for now I have a modest setup with my laptop, monitor speakers and a few more things for sound designing.

-What’s your creative process in the studio?

As for any creative person, inspiration is our everything.

-Your typical DJ set-up?

I love the Pioneer Dj 2000nxs2 or 3000, they are the best.

-Do you have other activities beside music?

I’m trying to promote myself on instagram, Recently I recorded my first YouTube set.  I am inspired by the video from Cercle and I am always  dreaming  of growing to such a level.

-How do you think the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

I think the music and club scene have suffered a lot.  It was not an easy time for all of us, but now we are returning to our usual life and it pleases me.

-What can we expect from you in the future?

More releases, more collaboration with artists.  I want to explore new horizons in this career

Follow Maryana Pinto on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maryana.music/

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