Embark on a Journey with the Golden Viking: Terry Golden’s India Tour Unleashed


Terry Golden, the Golden Viking Warrior, is getting ready to unleash his electrifying and energetic sound on his new tour, set to invigorate dancefloors across India with his powerful signature blend of Progressive House and Melodic Techno, Terry Golden’s adrenaline-fueled live sets promise to deliver unmissable an unmissable opportunity for Electronic Dance music fans. 

As his reputation as a leading innovator within Electronic Dance Music continues to grow, Terry Golden prepares to captivate audiences with his remarkable talents as a live DJ and performer. With a stage presence that is refreshingly commanding, powerful, and skilled, Terry Golden’s dynamic charisma is irresistibly magnetic, sure to capture the attention of crowds and unite them in ecstatic motion towards the dancefloor. Now, as he presents his striking persona as a Golden Viking warrior, Terry Golden adds an exciting visual element to his already powerful live performances, marking him as one to follow, as he develops fresh and unique ways to elevate his live performances.  

Taking his tour across India, Terry Golden will take to the stage at many interesting and exciting venues; from the serene natural park setting of Old Manali to the vibrant party scene of the city of Visakhapatnam, Terry Golden will no doubt deliver his dynamic signature mixing style in a way that is as mesmerising as it is electrifying.  

As the tour kicked off on the 11th of August, Terry Golden burst onto the scene presenting a powerful experience for his audience and setting expectations high as he continues to make his mark on stages across India. Preparing to perform at venues including 10 Downing Street in Vijayawada, Trops in Hitech City, Café La Música and Primrose in Goa and Foxden in Manali, Terry Golden has a busy and exciting schedule of performances coming up and, as he gets ready to deliver mountain sunset sessions in Goa and Himalaya, Terry Golden ensures that this tour will be a standout addition to his ever-growing list of creative pursuits. Set to be supported by several rising DJs, Terry Golden’s tour promises to push boundaries and explore surprising sonic territories, showcasing the DJ’s unstoppable passion and enthusiasm for Electronic Music. 

So, be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to be fascinated by the intense beats and unmatched energy of Terry Golden; prepare to follow him on this uplifting journey and join his powerfully creative world as he keeps curating immersive and engaging experiences with every live performance. 

Tour Dates: 

11/8: Moon Bar & Kitchen – Visakhapatnam   

12/8: 10 Downing Street – Vijayawada 

13/8: Trops – Hitech City 

14/8: Primrose – Goa  

15/8: Café La Música – Goa 

16/8: Sunset Hill Set – Goa Mountains 

18/8: Mountain View – Manila, Himalaya 

18/8: Foxden – Manali, Himalaya

Terry Golden Online:  

Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify 

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