R^ST Debuts on Café de Anatolia with ‘Kilim Weave’ EP


R^ST is a man on a mission. Following a brace of successful single releases on his burgeoning HAAI LIFE imprint already this year with ‘If You Wonder Who I Am’ and ‘Sinnerman’, the hugely talented Belgrade-based DJ, producer and label boss now looks to continue his prolific run of form into the second half of 2023, with the announcement of his latest original release and debut extended player, ‘Kilim Weave’ EP.

Out now via esteemed Macedonian imprint Café de Anatolia, the exquisite two-part package marks R^ST’s debut outing on the esteemed Turkish imprint. Up first is the ethereal title track ‘Kilim Weave’. This enchanting and complex composition weaves together diverse cultural influences, delivering a sonic experience that transcends conventional expectations. The track emerges as a tapestry of colours, fusing traditional elements with modern production techniques, creating an enthralling fusion of soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of kilim carpets and the vocals of the women that weave them, the track takes listeners on an immersive journey through time and space, unifying various musical threads to form an extraordinary masterpiece.

On the flip is the equally enchanting follow up, ‘Ephelia’. From the very first notes, the b-side sets a contemplative and introspective mood, instantly whisking the audience away on a sonic reverie. The delicate interplay of celestial synths and ethereal pads creates an otherworldly atmosphere, evoking feelings of weightlessness and suspended time. Gradually building in intensity, the track swells with emotion, pulling the listener deeper into its mesmerizing embrace. Echoes of distant voices and subtle electronic glitches add an intriguing touch of mystery, leaving space for personal interpretation and connection.

Speaking about the record and the inspiration behind it, R^ST commented:

“I’m a regular at a local cultural centre/club in Belgrade called Silosi. During summer it’s a large outdoor club, but during winter time the inside becomes an art gallery. On June 16 I was there for the opening of an exhibition called “The Magic of Pirot Kilims” (hand made carpets unique to the south east region of Serbia) and it gave me inspiration for some new music. Two days later I had made ‘Kilim Weave’, which I sent to a few deep house and ethno labels. Eventually I landed on Café de Anatolia, who wanted to release a multi-track EP, so I sent them Ephelia, which was also inspired by the exhibition. The title track uses a violin strum as an atmospheric backdrop to symbolise the carpet weave and a Slavic female vocal. I’m super happy with how the EP has turned out and I can’t wait to share it with the world.” 

With roots in electronic music and DJ experimentation since the mid 90s, R^ST’s journey has been an inspiring blend of activism, culture and music. His name means ‘growth’ in Slavic languages, and it symbolizes his path of learning and personal growth across diverse fields. In music, he fuses hypnotic melodies with strong beats to craft the feelings of inclusion, love and connection with fellow dancers. During the day, he is a solicitor and a senior partner at a law firm, an activist for inclusion and cultural transformation. During the night, he is a lover of electronic music – a DJ and producer, but above all – a raver and a dancer. His love for DJing and raving drove him to continue exploring his artistic side, culminating in his official debut in 2022. Since then, he has been performing regularly, growing his audience as a selector and producer, fusing techno, melodic techno and indie dance and combining these genres with live and hybrid live performances. 

R^ST is always experimenting across genres in the search of the perfect melody and engaging beats. To him, music is about love and movement. He sometimes follows the crowd, and sometime leads it, understanding that music and dance is not meant as a choice between entertainment and elevation; it is meant to be both. As an artist renowned for pushing creative boundaries, R^ST continues to leave an indelible mark on the ambient and electronic music scene; this latest EP on standing as a testament to his unwavering commitment to crafting emotive and transformative sonic experiences.

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