Venezuelanmusical mastermind Emy Perez is globally renowned for her work behind the scenes on some of the most iconic songs of the past decade. Embarking on her solo career in 2021, Emy has teamed up with Dutch producer Hidde Huijsman, who goes under the name DFRNS, for an explosive collaboration, ‘Zoom Zoom’ – out now via BB Music Group.

Exuding a powerful presence from the get-go, ‘Zoom Zoom’ employs a thumping bassline and groove-inducing instrumentals. Bursting with energy and flavour, Emy Perez’s sultry Spanish vocals keep the listener captivated across its duration, and work in perfect harmony with DFRNS’ Reggaeton rhythms. An ode to the strong Queens out there, ‘Zoom Zoom’ is an empowering anthem about difficult breakups, but finding the power to rise above and take back control.

Writing alongside some of the world’s most celebrated producers and artists, including Willy William (Mi Gente), will.i.am, Steve Morrison and Phil Greiss, Emy Perez has also performed around the globe with musical icons including Shakira, Eros Ramazzotti and Earth, Wind & Fire. Releasing her first solo record in March 2021, ‘Over You’ was placed in the Top 20 New Music Friday NL and her debut Spanish EP ‘Dime’ was released on Armada Music alongside Pablo Nouvelle. Encapsulating her passion and larger than life personality in her craft, Emy manages to create timeless and top quality productions, no matter the genre. 

DFRNS (pronounced Difference) consists of Amsterdam natives Hidde Huijsman & Massimo Cacciapuoti, who have skyrocketed as an artist-breaking production duo in contemporary Pop and R&B/Hip-Hop/Reggaeton music over the last few years. Their dynamic sound comprises synth-driven, melodically innovative song arrangements and trunk rattling beats. Earlier this year, 5 x Grammy Award-winning producer Kuk Harrell (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Usher, Jennifer Lopez) discovered DFRNS, which resulted in their first major placement on Republic Records with ‘Your Loss I’m Found’ by Jessie J. Adding their magic touch to ‘Zoom Zoom’, listeners will be left wanting more from this dream team.

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