President of Alveda Music: “We will not divide our artists, our fans and our partners”


The Greek government decided to set restrictions on unvaccinated citizens including a vaccination certificate for the entrance on indoor night clubs and the right for businesses to fire any time workers without the vaccination certificate. Our label group responses:

“We will not divide our artists, our partners, our fans by their decisions, by their color or race. We are all united and we can’t force anyone to get vaccinated or not. If anyone divides our people, we will blacklist him.”

Also the President of Alveda Music, Falcos Panagiotis mentioned:

“We can’t accept this coup in Greece without any response. When the Prime Minister says misleading information or the opposite from the Worldwide Health Organization then something is wrong, maybe his advisors are not educated well or they work with dated info. Wasting money and time on vaccinating young people including children and not focusing on the elderlies is not the right way to fight COVID-19. It seems more like a pyramid scheme business.”

The President also blamed the Minister of Culture in Greece for not helping the local artists by bringing more music streaming services in Greece:

“We still don’t see the licenses going forward about Instagram Music and for the SoundCloud monetization program in the Greek territory. In Greece, Instagram Music is not available. Songwriters and Right Owners are losing millions every month for a simple licensing issue. Even if the companies haven’t asked for any license, as Minister you have to ask and help these services to run on your territory in order to benefit your citizens and also your local artists.”

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