Ever-L received his Alveda Award for 2020!


The first artist received the Alveda Award 2020 is Ever-L from Huy, in Belgium

Other 9 artists remaining to receive awards by post. Due to the lockdown in Greece, there were some delays on the orders and the owner of Alveda Music, Falcos Panagiotis, shipped 2 awards per day.

Based on the estimated schedule, till the end on April all artists worldwide may receive their awards. In Europe most likely till the end of March.

Ever-L is one of the most active producers and DJs on Alveda Music. Based on public voting was the best artist of Alveda Music for 2020. The artist had worked also Ensis Records, Bip Records, Catamount Records and many others. A new collab release with P4sc4l is also signed with the main label of Alveda Music for the 26th March, 2021.

Follow Ever-L on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everl_official/

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