Get the Party Started with June’s Episodes of Melleefresh’s Radio Show


Melleefresh consistently delivers high-energy performances on her radio show, ‘Melleefresh House Party.’ With June appearing as no exception, as she captivated her audience with dynamic music and a guest mix from the Producer and DJ Hotknife, Melleefresh’s radio show is sure to have captured the attention of even more listeners, growing its reach as it offered vibrant vibes and intoxicating sound.  

During the month, Melleefresh treated fans to a collection of compelling musical journeys, bringing a lively atmosphere with each episode. As her passion for Electronic Dance Music appears evident through every creative expression, Melleefresh’s radio show continues to emerge as a significant platform for her to spotlight her skills, tastes, and talents. With a commitment towards Electronic Dance Music, Melleefresh ensures that within each episode, she not only entertains but also educates her listeners; introducing both established and emerging artists, Melleefresh continues to cement herself as a supportive figure within the genre today.  

Throughout June, Melleefresh featured an array of tracks from up-and-coming artists on the scene; presenting music from the likes of Friendly Ghosts and Eugenio Fico, the track listings during the month created an enlightening yet immersive experience, balanced with music from well-known talents like Purple Disco Machine and Kid Crème. With Melleefresh’s signature energy permeating each episode, ‘Melleefresh House Party’ continues to deliver eclectic listens, fusing high-energy sounds from across the dense landscape of the genre to bring cohesive yet punchy mixes to its audience.   

As the radio show appears as a vibrant and powerful statement of her sonic identity, Melleefresh highlights her deep understanding of the genre, showcasing her latest discoveries to cement her show as a unique platform within Electronic Music. Continually bringing danceable vibes, putting forward productions that are mighty in sound, rhythm and grooves, ‘Melleefresh House Party’ is fast becoming an essential listen for any genre enthusiast passionate about diving deep within the world of Electronic Dance Music.  

For those yet to tune in, be sure to catch the next episodes of ‘Melleefresh House Party’ to discover the bold energy of the show for yourself. With such determination and enthusiasm, Melleefresh continues to be a dynamic force to watch closely on the scene, so stay tuned and be sure to follow her via social media today. 

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