How did the frequent collaborations with Serial Records come about?

We were in contact back when ‘Only You’ dropped, which totally catapulted my career. We kept in touch, and since Serial is a label close to my heart, as soon as I had some solid tracks, I hit them up ASAP.  

How have you found the experience of working with such a reputable label?

Working with such a prestigious label has been incredible! The support, expertise, and vibe they bring to the table have truly elevated my game. They are stalwarts of the French scene that have proven their ability to shine on a global scale. They have some dope artists I absolutely love, and drawing inspiration from their work is incredibly energizing and fuels my creativity further.

In your hometown of Lyon, was there a particular club or artist who really sparked your interest in producing and playing dance music?

Keeld with his powerful, groovy Bass House clearly stood out for me these days.

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard your music?

For those who haven’t tapped into my sound yet, imagine an eclectic mix that’s all about radiating positive vibes. I’m passionate about breathing new life into the French Touch, weaving together the timeless groove of disco with cutting-edge, modern beats. My goal? To infuse everyday moments with that feel-good energy, creating a perfect blend of nostalgia and the sounds of tomorrow.

You continue to master your disco house sound on this new track, how was the creative process on this one?

The creative process for this track was quite a journey. It started with a melody that kept playing in my mind and some initial piano chords. Early on, I was inspired by the idea of blending deep house with nu disco vibes, reminiscent of Purple Disco Machine, but with a laid-back, beachy feel. It wasn’t just about digital creation — finding the right musicians, the singer, it was a return to a more traditional creative process. This hands-on approach was a refreshing change from the usual solitary hours I spend behind my computer. It felt like giving birth in a way – lengthy and challenging, but immensely rewarding.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you were starting out as a DJ/producer, what would it be?

If I could go back and give my younger DJ/producer self a piece of advice, it would be this: Network and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Don’t try to navigate this journey alone. Building genuine relationships in the industry can not only elevate your craft but also enrich your personal growth and experiences.

What can we expect from DeusExMaschine in the future?

In the short term, brace yourselves for a killer collaboration I’ve got coming up with Fein Cerra, an amazing artist from Serial Records that I’m super stoked about. We’re dropping it on September 22nd. Stay tuned!

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