From July 5 only with a very expensive test or vaccine for nightclubs in Greece


The Greek Government announced some extreme measures for the clubbing scene.

Nightclubs from 2/7 will operate only on open spaces, including those that have a retractable roof with 25% capacity and mandatory at the entrance:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Negative rapid test certificate (48 hours),
  • Disease certificate issued 30 days after the first positive test and its validity lasts 180 days after it.
    In short, those who are not vaccinated will have to pay + 40-60 euros for a night out.

For flights you will need also a negative PCR or Rapid Test if you are not vaccinated. Let’s note here that tourists from Russia, even vaccinated with the Sputnik-V may need a negative test.

Similar restrictions apply for most of the Greek islands.

Greece at the moment is the worst example in Europe when we talk about restrictions, as the government destroyed the economy with a very long failed lockdown and now pushes for COVID-19 vaccinations on young people with fake news being told like “if you are vaccinated you are not spreading the virus and if you are not vaccinated you are in high danger”.

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