Vaccination Paranoia by the Greek Prime Minister for clubbing – Nazi model restrictions


We had seen some crazy offers for vaccination around the world like free strip club tickets, but in Greece the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis may even “pay you” with pre-paid cards worth of 150€ if you are 18-25 years old and you are getting vaccinated. Well, as we mentioned previously there is a racist campaign against unvaccinated people raising within few countries in Europe and that’s the perfect example.

Some people are not sure about getting the vaccination and it’s something normal as all the vaccines for COVID-19 developed so fast… so only after a long period of time we will be able to talk about the effectiveness and the side-effects especially for the young ages. It’s too early to talk about results and there are a lot of rumors or fake news (positive & negative) had been told by mainstream media and politics around the world.

UPDATE: The government announced restrictions for non-vaccinated citizens. You can’t get on indoor places such as restaurants, bars and clubs, as you need the vaccination certificate QR code.

Cases in Greece are rising, after talking with a medical expert, we got the simple answer: “Vaccinated tourists or locals when travelling are not tested with any kind of test when arriving, so if they have the virus, they are spreading the virus without anyone knowing…”

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