Get to know: Gamuel Sori – the rapidly rising House DJ and producer, in his exclusive EDM Cave interview


We had the pleasure to catch Gamuel Sori, the rapidly rising Italian DJ and producer who has just released a massive collaboration with the incredible dance singer INNA. Their single ‘Party Songs’ is a feel-good house track that’ll get listeners moving and is our summer staple. If you’re into uplifting house grooves, then this talented producer is the one to listen to, and we spoke about his new single, where he finds his inspiration and his upcoming plans we can get excited for.

So you’re from Italy, are you based there right now? What’s the music scene like where you’re from?

I’m based in Limbiate, a city 15 minutes away from Milan. There are not that many things to do, which is kinda good for inspiration, I believe that when you are bored, you start creating, like we used to in our early days. There are some people doing DJ/Singer projects but most of them don’t take it that seriously. Milan is different, it’s like the New York of Italy for the music industry. You can have the “Milanese Dream” there.

How did you originally get into producing music?

I got into producing music after asking myself “this song is really good, but how’s the process behind it?”. I was fascinated by the idea of not only appreciating the final product, but also delving deeper into the art and mastery that comes into creating a truly exceptional piece of music. Motivated by this curiosity, I embarked on a journey of exploration and self-discovery, immersing myself in the world of music production. With time, it became apparent to me that producing music is more than just a technical endeavour; it is an art form that requires a keen ear, a deep understanding of various instruments and sounds, and a mastery of sophisticated software and equipment.

What was the first song you heard that inspired you to start making electronic music?

Mercer – “Turn It Up” (Tchami Remix). Tchami’s remix had this insane blend of infectious beats, thumping basslines, and sick sound design that made me fall in love with it from the first drop. 

How would you best describe your sound and have you always been creating your current genre?

My sound is like a delicious cocktail that’ll get you grooving on the dance floor. It’s a mix of Deep House, Dance, and House, shaken with some ice and tonic water for that extra refreshing kick.

Congrats on your latest collaboration ‘Party Songs’ with INNA! How does it feel to be making music with such an iconic artist?

It’s literally a dream that came true. I can remember myself vibing as a teenager to INNA’s first singles,  feeling like she was the queen of the dancefloor and now, years later, I have a song with her. I totally love how “Party Songs” turned out, it’s like an instant mood booster that never fails to get me hyped up. Life is good. 

What was the production process like between you and INNA? Did you bring contrasting ideas to the track or did you both agree on the sound you wanted to achieve?

The production process between me and INNA was an exciting and collaborative journey. We had Zoom sessions with the rest of the team, bouncing ideas back and forth, and exploring different variations of the track. It was all about finding that perfect vibe that captured the essence of what we wanted to achieve. It’s all about the vibe.

Where were you when you created ‘Party Songs’ or first got the idea of the beat?

I was in my home studio in Milan. Being in my personal creative space allowed me to fully immerse myself in the music-making process and explore different sounds and ideas without any distractions.

What genres of music do you tend to listen to when you’re not in the studio?

It really depends on what I’m doing, usually I go for some Soul in the morning, some Hip-Hop for the workout, and some Deep House while driving. I’m not putting borders on my music taste. I believe that great music can be found in all styles and categories. So, I always keep an open mind and explore different genres and artists. From Rock to Jazz, from Reggae to Electronic, I embrace the diversity of music and enjoy discovering new sounds that captivate my ears and inspire my creativity.

‘Party Songs’ is for sure going to be our anthem of summer, do you have anything exciting planned over the season?

Thank you and I hope to be hearing that from more and more people, I believe that this song has the power to make you dream, dance, and embrace the moment at the same time. This journey has just started. I’ll have some more for sure.

We’re already excited to hear what you produce next, do you have anything in the works already?

I’m happy to hear that! I can assure you that I have some exciting projects in the works. The next release is already planned, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m putting my heart and soul into crafting something special that will captivate your ears and make you groove. I can’t reveal all the details just yet, but rest assured that I’ll be sharing it with you very soon. Stay tuned, because there’s plenty of musical goodness coming your way!

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