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Celebrating over a decade in the industry, French DJ and producer Matt Fax has by now firmly established himself as a pillar of the melodic house and progressive scene. With a loyal, global fanbase and half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone he is now widely considered one of the leading producers responsible for pushing the progressive melodic sound forward.

His new 15-track album Story Of The Fall traverses a wide range of electronic-subgenres. From club-ready, gritty basslines and cascading synths to melodic, vocal-led cuts, The Story Of The Fall embodies Matt’s 11-year path to the global heavyweight he is today, and lays the foundations for his sound for the future.

With the album out later this week, we caught up with Matt for a chat about the story behind Story Of The Fall.

Thanks for talking to us Matt. Has it been a positive 2023 for you so far?

Thanks for having me. 2023 has been incredible so far, loads of touring all around the world, loads of music being done, all good so far.

Let’s dive right into Story of the Fall. How did you approach blending the diverse musical elements in this new album?

I wanted to make my sound evolve on this album. I felt out of love with the current Progressive sound, so I’ve tried to seek different inspirations to create a unique style.  I think it’s important to reinvent yourself to stay in the race.

What challenges did you face in maintaining a cohesive sound while incorporating such varied elements, and how did you overcome them? How did you choose the pacing and flow of the album, considering the different genres involved?

At first it was difficult for me to make a cohesive album because I had so many tracks, but in the end I’ve decided to construct it as a story starting from the classic Matt Fax sound and make it evolve to the style I want to do now. As you progress into the record, the more you hear growls and futustic elements. It’s like crossfading between past and future. I’ve only selected the best ideas or the ones that told a story I wanted to share.

Can you discuss any particular melodic or rhythmic motifs that run throughout the album, tying the different tracks together?

The album is divided in different parts where some of the tracks are linked. It can either be tied together with a key range, a style of production or simply with the emotion of the track. Some parts are sad, some are dark, it’s a collection of emotions.

Were there any specific artists or songs that influenced your creative direction while working on this album?

I’ve listened to a lot of Bass Music, Hip Hop and Techno during the making of this album. Some of the artists that influenced me were Noisia, IMANU, Caracal Project, Buunshin, the whole Disciple label family and more.

Were there any unconventional production techniques or experimental sound design choices that you explored in this album? If so, can you elaborate on them?

There is no real unconventional production techniques, but I’ve learnt a lot about mixing and mastering. This is the first time I’ve committed myself into the technical side of a project, and I’ve learnt a lot by doing that.

There are many collaborators involved in Story of the Fall… how their contributions enhanced the overall musical journey you wanted to create?

Some of the vocals on this album were toplines being sent my way early in the making of the album, but I was also lucky to work in the studio with x.o.anne and HEARTS to work on the lyric and give directions to give a certain feeling to the tracks. I feel like most of the lyrics actually relate to the emotions I tried to communicate on the tracks, and reinforce them.

What personal experiences or moments in your life inspired the creation of this album, and how did they influence the musical direction and themes explored?

The album is covering the past 3 years of my life. It talks about my father’s loss in 2020, my depression that followed and which I’m still battling against, betrayal of some important people, and also how I’ve changed as a person and how scary it is when you know you are becoming someone you don’t want to be, but just can’t help it.

Could you share any specific stories or anecdotes that encapsulate the emotional journey you went through while working on this album?

A specific story would be this: I have a track that didn’t made the cut on the record which I did on the exact day my dad died, and it was so emotional that I couldn’t release it. It’s finished, only needs some mixing, but I can’t come back to it. It’s just too hard, it’s just too sad. I’ve replaced it with “Eclipse” which is a similar track but not as emotional as this one was and might be more listenable. Maybe I’ll release it at some point tho.

How do you hope listeners will connect with and interpret the emotions and messages embedded within the album? Are there any specific ideas or feelings you wanted to evoke through the music?

I hope the listeners will understand the purpose of the album and will relate to some of the tracks. If I can help people with similar issues to connect through my music, I’d be very happy. I know it’s a sad and dark album, and there are only a handful of club and happy tracks, it’s def not something to play at a party, it’s something to listen on your own and to reflect to.

As an artist, how do you feel this album represents your growth and evolution? Are there any significant ways in which your personal and artistic development influenced the creative process and final outcome of the album?

For my this album marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of another, it’s a transition album. I know what I want to do, I know what kind of music I want to put out, and I’m excited for the future. It was also a therapy for me, getting things out of my chest and moving on.

Aside from the album, what else are you focusing on for the rest of the year?

This year will be pretty much about touring the world, and maybe release a few remixes there and there.

Where can we catch you playing in the coming months?

I’ll be playing in Prague, Italy, Amsterdam, Austin and most of the United States, keep an eye on my socials for tickets and exact dates.

Thanks for your time Matt!

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