Greece surpasses 2 million COVID-19 vaccinations but citizens can’t even travel within their country


In the world of madness, the Greek Government announced that surpasses the 2 million COVID-19 vaccinations but the citizens are not allowed to travel within their country. That’s the biggest fail on the COVID-19 history, as Greece has the worst restrictions in the world, alongside with some brutal dictatorships for a long period.

Businesses are dying and most people are not happy with the lockdown that Greece is facing for more than 5 months. The government hasn’t used the available spaces like the abandoned hospital “PANAGIA” to increase its patient capacity in the city of Thessaloniki. Antonis Kanakis (a local celebrity) said on his tv show that “The committee of Infectious Diseases needs also a psychologist there, as these infectious disease specialists (doctors) there, they don’t really care about our psychology”.

That’s something that almost everyone agrees with. Yes, 5+ months lockdown with SMS restriction, it’s crazy!

The local music industry is facing one of the biggest damages, as the taxes, national insurance, and living costs are way higher than income these days. On the other side, many artists have not registered anywhere, so these may not receive any financial support. Clubbing is something that we can’t even talk about at the moment.

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