INNA’s latest single “Flashbacks” is number 1 on the radio in Romania


INNA’s latest single “Flashbacks” is number 1 on the radio in Romania, on 3rd place in Russia and on #55 in Shazam Global

The song written and produced by Marco and Seba, Alex Cotoi, David Ciente, Minelli and INNA surpassed 11 million views on YouTube and is climbing the charts as follows: 1 on TV in Bulgaria for 4 weeks in a row, on 23 on radio in Turkey, on number 3 in Radio in Russia and on 1 in Dance charts Russia.

Regarding Shazam, “Flashbacks” got to the highest position until now #55 and it surpassed 585 000 shazams. The artist went live on TikTok for her fans in Turkey and it reached 110 000 views.

The song is part of the album “Heartbreaker” that includes 10 songs written and produced during Dance Queen’s House session. The artist isolated herself in a house for 3 weeks with the best producers and songwriters Marco &Seba, Alex Cotoi, David Ciente and Minelli and worked with them for the album that it’s released on INNA’s YouTube channel.

The tracklist includes “Maza Jaja”, “Heartbreaker”, “One Reason”, “Flashbacks”, “You and I”, “Beautiful Lie”, “Gucci Balenciaga”, “Sunset Dinner” and “Thicky”. You can check the album here!

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