Greece with 4 months non-stop lockdown


With one of the strictest lockdowns on the earth, in Greece you can move only by using an SMS and documentation. The music community suffers and many artists got broke this period as most were not registered as employees or anywhere (to avoid the heavy taxes and insurance costs), ending up without any financial support these days from the government.

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced again that the lockdown may extend for two more weeks, but all greeks already know that it may extend again and again. In Greece the COVID-19 cases are low at the moment but the system is really weak based on what experts are saying daily on the local news (they don’t say actually that straightly, but when someone says that there are not enough beds for COVID-19 patients in the hospitals then it’s exactly that).

A lot of night clubs and bars may not be able to re-open again. For parties on Mykonos this year we don’t know yet anything but we expect to see everything open on July in the worst scenario.

Let’s hope to get our lives back soon!

Photo by Jonathan Gallegos on Unsplash

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