Label owner calls all labels to stop accepting artists using similar artist names


In 2020 the label group of Alveda Music faced over 44 reports about 6 artists using similar artist names with other artists. The only reason that the label was accepting these artists was because there were other labels assisting and releasing with them before.

The owner of Alveda Music and President of the label group made this clear with an official statement that he will not accept any artist name related issues. The rule is simple “the first artist using the artist name, the first artist has all the rights on it” and mentioned also “every other artist trying to use the same name is violating the rights of the first one”.

These rules may help the real artists build their own unique brand without grabbing or messing the fame with others. A lot of artists already supported this decision and it’s clear that more labels may follow. Already many partners of Alveda Music accepted the new term for update on contracts.

That decision may help labels, distributors, platforms to save time and focus on more important things. The key reasons of that decision were:

  • Dealing with multiple reports about violating the brand (artist) names of other artists
  • Time costly for labels, distributors and platforms to operate on mapping profiles, also labels were spending time to fix legal issues between their artists and the third party artists.
  • It’s not fear for anyone to build a brand and after someone else is grabbing the fame or messing the fanbase.

The owner of Alveda Music stated: “I’m spending more time these days solving artist name issues, mappings, violations and answering on report notices than working and investing my time on more important stuff that can benefit the whole catalog.”

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